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San Francisco CityPASS: What to See in the City by the Bay as a Wheelchair User

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world, I’m Aubrie.
I was so excited to check out a few of San Francisco ’s top destinations on Cory’s behalf while he was… 145 486 631 Read More Rolling Across the Golden Gate Bridge in a Wheelchair: A Bucket List Item Completed.
By When most people think of California, images of the Hollywood sign or even the picturesque beaches probably run th rough their mind.
However, for me,… 117 233 350 Read More My Fun-Filled Facebook Headquarters Tour in Menlo Park.
By Headquarters of Facebook Campus Tour I remember the first time that I ever heard the word “Facebook”.
I was in 9th grade in high… 98 218 316 Read More A Weekender’s Guide to Santa Monica, California.
By Santa Monica is one of my favorite places in the world so naturally, when I found out that I’d be speaking at Abilities Expo… Read More 9 Reasons Why I Loved Staying at Shore Hotel in Santa Monica.
By After deciding to have a weekend getaway to Santa Monica right after my trip to LA, I immediately started looking up hotels in the… Read More Top 5 Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Los Angeles .
By   When you find yourself in Los Angeles, California, you find yourself in one of the easiest places to navigate if you are a… Read More , , , , , Exploring Southern California With a MobilityWorks Van Rental.
By As a world traveler that also happens to be in a wheelchair, I am pretty accustomed to waiting for long periods of time.
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